Diversonomix is a nationally syndicated strategic diversity management consultancy focused on advancing inclusion, improving equity and remedying disparity within the U.S.

Led by a consortium of psychotherapists, social service advocates, scholars and diversity practitioners, Diversonomix marries world-class expertise with extensive human capital management experience to create targeted strategies and customized solutions for organizations (large or small) that positively impact the bottom-line at every level.

Patients, medical workforce and healthcare community-at-large derive value from the programs, products and services Diversonomix provides.

Thursday, October 23, 2014 - DIVERSONOMIX CONFERENCE 2014: "American Intergenerational Trauma: The African American, Jewish American and American Indian Experience"  - Columbia University | Lerner Hall | 116th Street & Broadway | New York, New York ...(see more details on our events 2014 page)

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